Julio Rodriguez

Associate Attorney
  • Juris Doctor – The Interamerican University School of Law (2013)
  • Cum Laude bachelor’s degree in communication – The University of the Sacred Heart, in Puerto Rico (2007)
  • Business immigration program from AILA (planning to pursue)

US Immigration Law Counsel (US-ILC) exudes a culture deeply rooted in cohesive collaboration and an environment characterized by utmost respect. This distinctive blend of qualities is a rarity in the current landscape. Under the stewardship of Saman, this culture of camaraderie is meticulously nurtured, with a dedicated focus on fostering a setting where individuals are empowered and at ease.

Having previously navigated the demanding arena of court appearances on a weekly basis, I experienced burnout. It was during this juncture that I found myself at US-ILC, drawn by the promise of team support and a sanctuary for my professional rejuvenation. What impressed me from the outset was the remarkable organization and diligence exhibited by my colleagues within the Legal Department.

At the crux of my role lies a commitment to infusing hope and tranquility into the lives of those I serve. I consult with those who are seeking guidance in their immigration matters, review documentation, and determine the optimal immigration relief for our clients. The narratives of our client's immigration experiences resonate deeply with me, forging an empathetic connection that fuels my dedication. I gain immense gratification from elucidating intricate immigration laws for my clients, especially for those requiring assistance in Spanish and, to a lesser extent, Portuguese.

My personal interests include comedy, sci-fi, and dancing.

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